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Setup And Activate Your Norton Product With Some Easy Methods

Whenever you install an application or software, it is quite understood that you have to pay an amount to enjoy the premium features of that software. In terms of Norton, it enables its users to enjoy a free trial version, but after a certain period, an amount has to be paid for any further usage.

Now, you must be wondering “is it really necessary to buy a premium version of software?” well the answer is fairly solid. It is a fact that almost every service provider encourages its users to buy themselves a premium version just to take the advantages that the product has to offer. “Everything has a price”, well this phrase applies on these programs as well, as they provide services for the welfare of the consumers.

Now, the question arises, how to activate the product that you just bought? There are basically three ways through which you can activate your Norton subscription within just a few minutes. The first one is obviously; by renewing a subscription plan, the second one is by renewing or activating a product key and the last is activating the product by using a subscription license associated with your account. For the sake of your convenience, all these methods are illustrated below and it is recommended that you must use them according to your needs.

Purchase A Norton Subscription To Activate Or Renew Your Product

  • Obviously to start things off, you have to open the main Norton application.
  • Now, move to the main software window and hit Renew or Activate now.
  • After that, go to the subscription window and click on buy a subscription.
  • Then, hit the buy now or subscribe now option. And after that, you need to sign in with your account.
  • Now, all you need to do is just input the billing information and place your order.

Norton Product Key Activation 2019

  • Open the Norton antivirus software and go to the activate now option.
  • Now, move towards the product’s main window, hit help> account information> enter product key.
  • After that, type in product key very carefully in the provided box.
  • Once done, click on next and you are done.
  • You can also consider www.norton.com/setup for the product key activation.

Use A Subscription License To Activate Your Norton Product

  • Go to the Norton software and hit activate now option.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to sign-in with your account.
  • After you’ve done that, select the security license and then click on next.
  • Other than that, you can consider www.norton.com/activate for an easy alternative.

We hope these steps will help you out in all the respective possibilities and most probably you won’t facing any issues while using them. Still if you do end up with an error, feel free to call us and we’ll make sure to help you out as quickly as possible. We are basically third party support service providers, who are totally dedicated towards making your experience more effortless and user-friendly while using a Norton product.